Oil Terminal Samara

A well-known Russian oil storage company, which main purpose is for storage of Petroleum Products, transportation and other petrochemical services within Russia, Asia & Europe’s linkable terminals, fuel pipelines transportation, tanker to vessel transportation

About Us

Established in 2004, “Oil Terminal Samara” is engaged in the business of petrochemical Products storage, through our vast Storage Tank Farms within Russian,Asia and Europe linkable terminals, terminals in Rotterdam, Europoort terminal and Oil tanker ships along the inland waterways and coastal seas of Northwestern Europe.

Our company office is located at Samara, with large operations in the Baltic Sea and all terminals in Rotterdam, Amsterdam via our joint terminal venture with Vopak, Service Terminal Rotterdam and Euro-tank maatschap europoort terminal as well as other terminals worldwide.

Our Company has all necessary licenses of the Transport Ministry Department of Sea and River Transport to carry out its activities either by inland waterways or sea and foreign sea ports.

The main activities of Oil Terminal Samara includes:

  • Oil products transportation by inland waterways.
  • Oil products transportation via international shipping lanes
  • Ecological services (collection and utilization of bilge and oily waters)
  • Oily wastes collection from ships at the Port of Rotterdam
  • Oil products transshipment at all Russia, Asian & European Ports
  • Pipeline services;
  • Dry garbage collection
  • Oil wastes transportation
  • Oil wastes recycling
  • Barging
  • Oil products transportation by road;
  • Transshipment at oil storage
  • Vessel bunkering with oil products
  • Tank storage operations
  • Tank storage Subleasing


How we work at Oil Terminal Samara-Terminal Tank Storage.

Oil Terminal Samara is a modern infrastructural and high technical facility tank farm. We operate with high trained professionals and devoted employees. We work to promote high sanitary maintenance of our tank farm thereby maintaining and retaining the trust and confidence of our numerous customers and potential partners.


We are moved by passion.

Standard maintenance is important for operational excellence. For this reason Oil Terminal Samara has carefully recorded and analyzed its operational best practices around the world in order to develop 75 standards for global implementation. These standards cover all aspects of a terminal’s lifecycle in the fields of Safety, Health, Environment, Quality and Operations, as well as Technical and Project Management.


Doing the common uncommonly well

Serious long-term fortunes to its positive results in the field of oil refining and bunkering, loading / unloading of oil products throughout the 3 countries where we operates currently, with our multi-purpose facilities capable of taking large volumes of oil and petroleum products from the railway, storing and delivering to the expected destination.


we are experts in customizing individual tank storage solutions.

We store and process product in practically all storage classes and in various temperature ranges. Your products reach us and your customers by pipeline, inland waterways, tank trucks and railway tank cars. State-of-the-art technology, trained and highly motivated employees.

Why Choose Us?

We Deliver your jobs with great pleasure

We pride ourselves on providing the best tank storage solution and shipping services available all over the world. Our skilled personnel, utilising the latest communications, blending, tracking and processing technologies, combined with decades of experience!

Through our integrated tank storage solutions, Oil Terminal Samara-Terminal drives sustainable competitive advantages to some of Russian’s largest companies.

Our global logistics expertise, advanced tank storage technology and customized logistics solutions will help you analyze, develop and implement successful management strategies from end-to-end.

We continue to pursue that same vision in today's complex, uncertain world, working every day to earn our customers’ goals

Oil Terminal Samara-Terminal expert team members take the extra step and go the extra mile, all to fulfill our dedicated promise to deliver innovative and dynamic solutions to our customers to fit the needs of a rapidly changing global environment.

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